Spiritual Gifts, not toys.

There are three main purposes for our spiritual gifting’s drawn from 1 Corinthians 12:4-6; Motivation, ministry and manifestation.

· Motivational gifts refer to how God works in a believer to shape their perspective on life and motivate his/her words and actions. These gifts are your lens, or glasses, given by God to see the world how he designed you to see it.

· Ministry gifts are your tools, they are usually practical used to serve and meet the needs of others.

· Manifestation gifts are those of supernatural demonstrations of the Holy Spirit’s presence and power.

The gifts you have been given are unique, two people who have the gift of serving will not do so in the same way. If we think of the brain, both halves take in information and respond accordingly however they do so in very different ways, the right hand responds to colour and art whilst our left responds to numbers and letters. We function best we both halves work together, so does the body of Christ, when all parts work together.

When we seek to know and use our gifts we begin to understand the unique and indispensable ministry we have been called to. We discover Gods purpose for our lives and can find true satisfaction. We know that God will not call us to do anything without giving the power and ability to do so, therefore by trusting in God and the gifts we are given we should bravely set out to do whatever may be called upon us. Through our uniqueness, God has set a ministry for everyone single one of us. This ministry or calling can be done through us only as God chooses to us for his work. By following his will and using our gifts, others will be edified. We have a vital and irreplaceable role in bringing up other Christians around us. A friend of mine who I believe has a gift of encouragement came up to me a few weeks ago and said something quite encouraging out of the blue, this small sentence they said on this day changed my perspective of the situation I was in. Now had they not said that, I believe they day would have continued with me none the wiser. God may not have been like “OH well Jonny didn’t step up to the plate so I’ll send in Mark”. My point being that we are called to something unique, those around us are deprived of our ministry if we are not exercising our gifts. The last point I want to raise is that our highest calling is to glorify God. If we use our gifts with the power of the and fruit of the spirit in the name of the Lord, all glory will be to Him. 1 Peter 4:10-11 says “Just as each on has received a gift, use it to serve on another as good stewards of the varied grace of God. Whoever speaks, let it be with God’s words. Whoever serves, do so with the strength that God supplies, so that in everything God will be glorified through Jesus Christ.”

Do we know the parable of the Talents? In this parable Jesus talks of a master who is going away, he entrusted his talents, known to be a large sum of money about 36kg of silver, to his servants, giving 5 talents to one, two to another and one to another, each was according to their ability. Upon his return, he questioned each one as to what they did with the talents. The two with more had invested wisely and doubled the amount to which he was pleased and responded saying well done you good and faithful servant, you have been faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things. When he asked the servant with only one, finding out he had buried it for safe keeping. The master was displeased and accused him of laziness and wickedness, taking the talent from him and giving it to the one, who had brought back 10. We should use our time wisely, focusing on where we are gifted and open opportunities for those gifted in different areas to undertake the other roles but we should never use the lack of a gift as a cop out to not do something. We aren't all gifted with evangelism, but we should all play a part evangelizing in the opportunities God provides.

Much like when we give someone a gift, God wants to see us and others benefiting from the gifts he has given us. They are not to be used like toys, pulled out and used when its popular with our friends or audience but rather a way of living. As you think about the spiritual gifts and which one, few or many God has so graciously given you, think about the ways you can use it in the opportunities you have. How can you honour God through these gifts and bring glory to Him? How can you serve others and build up fellow Christians?

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